The Perpetual Three-Dot Column
The Perpetual Three-Dot Column
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by Jesse Walker

Tuesday, January 07, 2014
SELF-PROMOTION: It's been a while since this blog has run a roundup of the articles I've been publishing elsewhere. Since my last
post along those lines, I've written these:

"Wobblies, 'open mouth sabotage' and the history of American whistleblowing" (The National Post): In which I describe the Age of Easy Leaks.

"Conspiracies: Five things they don't want you to know" (The Boston Globe): A rundown of some themes from my conspiracy book.

"The Legend of the Child-Snatching Gypsies" (Reason): My Halloween column.

"Canadian Hate Speech" (Reason): Not really a full-fledged article—it's one of those mini-stories we run in the front of the mag.

"JFK Conspiracy Theories Will Never Die" (Time): Not the headline I would have chosen, since the article says it's possible that they will die.

"The roots of American conspiracy theories" ( Another rundown of some themes from my conspiracy book. For the most part, they aren't the same themes I covered in the Globe piece.

"Of Course the Law Should Tolerate Plural Marriages" (Reason): See? Not everything I write is about conspiracy theories.

"Pulp Paranoia" (TAC): I review a biography of Ray Palmer.

"Seven Pieces of Good News for Freedom in 2013" (Reason): Some Reason colleagues and I go hunting for silver linings. In my case, I write about the backlash against zero tolerance.

I also participated in The American Spectator's annual collection of Christmas book recommendations, and of course I've been blogging at Hit and Run. And I've had some stories in the print edition of Reason that haven't appeared online yet; I'll include them in the next roundup.

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