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The Perpetual Three-Dot Column
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by Jesse Walker

Friday, December 21, 2012
REMEMBER WHEN THIS BLOG WOULD LINK TO MY ARTICLES AS THEY WENT UP?: I swear I used to do that. Anyway, here's a roundup of recent (and sometimes not-so-recent) work:

• "
Years Without a Santa Claus": On the Reason site today. The abolition and evolution of Christmas.

• "2012: The Year in Books": I and others pick the most enjoyable and/or significant books of the year. Somehow I selected a book from 1800. And it wasn't a very good book, either. Well, I had my reasons.

• "The Taming of the Tea Party": Post-election analysis. Argues that the Tea Party movement didn't just lose on Election Day; it lost repeatedly throughout the campaign.

• "Living in Lovecraft's World": I review Michael Saler's As If, a book I like.

• "Homeland Security Meets Office Politics": I review Daryl Johnson's Right-Wing Resurgence, a book I don't like.

• "Back to Columbine": A brief item -- I wasn't able to go over 400 words or so. Compares and contrasts the aftermath of the Columbine massacre and the aftermath of the Aurora massacre. I guess I could write this one all over again now. Dammit.

• "Stepford Guys": In which I mark the 40th birthday of Ira Levin's novel The Stepford Wives and the film franchise it spawned.

• "MSNBC's Chris Hayes and Reason's Jesse Walker on What Tonight's Debate Really Needs": Just what it says on the tin. Chris Hayes and I did a dialogue shortly before the first Obama/Romney debate. (Remember the Obama/Romney debates? They were all the rage at the time.) Published by New York magazine, or rather by the magazine's website.

There have been blog posts aplenty too, on subjects ranging from those mass shootings to George McGovern, from Repeal Day to my preferences in presidential elections. Read 'em all at Hit & Run.

Finally, a note about the status of the paranoia book. We're about halfway through the editing process now—or, at least, my editor has gotten half the chapters back to me. At this point we're looking at an August release date.

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