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The Perpetual Three-Dot Column
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by Jesse Walker

Wednesday, August 27, 2008
YIPPIE! LINKS FOR EVERYONE!: I met Abbie Hoffman in 1987, or maybe early '88, after he gave a speech at the University of North Carolina. When he signed my used copy of Revolution for the Hell of It, I pointed to the price I'd paid for it: just 65 cents. I thought the author of Steal This Book would appreciate that, but he seemed a little perturbed. "It's worth a lot more than that, you know," he said.

I discuss Hoffman and the other yippies in
a Reason story today. It's not often a reporter gets to interview Paul Krassner and Roger Stone for the same article. Here's an excerpt:
The central story of Chicago wasn't just that cameras captured bloody police violence every evening. It was that the great American TV-viewing public overwhelmingly told pollsters afterwards that they sided with the cops. "That was our shortsightedness," says Krassner. "When we started chanting, 'The whole world is watching, the whole world is watching,' we didn't go to the next step, which was, And how are they gonna feel about it?"
More self-promotion:

• October's print edition of Reason is now out. I have one article in it, a tribute to the late artist Bruce Conner. Available at better newsstands, and at some of the lamer ones too.

• I participated in yet another film poll at The Cinematheque this week. This time the topic was Asian horror movies.

Finally, a bit of housekeeping: Rona and Maya and I will be leaving Baltimore tomorrow for a nine-month stint in Ann Arbor, where Rona will spend the school year as a Knight-Wallace journalism fellow. This is a homecoming for both of us, since we're both Michigan alums. I've already adjusted myself to the fact that the incoming freshman class wasn't born yet when I was a first-year student in 1988. You know what's harder to deal with? On 9/11, they were in the fifth grade.

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