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by Jesse Walker

Monday, March 27, 2006
BRIEF, BELATED NOTES ON RAY DAVIES' SHOW LAST MONDAY AT THE 9:30 CLUB: A week has passed and I still haven't found the time to write a proper review, so I'll just quickly comment that if the tour is coming near your neighborhood, and if you like the Kinks at all, you should run not walk to buy tickets.

The man played for over two hours without losing any energy. High points included "20th Century Man" (which was almost punk rock), "Oklahoma USA," "Village Green," "Sunny Afternoon," "The Tourist," and two unexpected additions to the setlist: "Days" and "The Hard Way." He gets bonus points for "Low Budget": It isn't one of my favorite songs, but the performance was a campy throwback to the '70s, complete with Davies balancing a beer bottle on his head.

first set:
I'm Not Like Everybody Else
Where Have All the Good Times Gone?
Till the End of the Day
After the Fall
20th Century Man
Oklahoma USA
Village Green/Picture Book
Animal Farm
Johnny Thunder
Sunny Afternoon
Dead End Street
Next-Door Neighbour
Creatures of Little Faith
Over My Head
The Tourist
Low Budget

second set:
Stand-Up Comic
Things Are Gonna Change (The Morning After)
Long Way from Home
The Getaway (Lonesome Train)
The Hard Way
Tired of Waiting
Set Me Free
All Day and All of the Night

first encore:
You Really Got Me

second encore:

The stretch from "Oklahoma USA" through "Dead End Street" was a series of acoustic guitar duets (plus an accordian on "Oklahoma"); on the rest he was backed by a band. I was especially impressed by the keyboardist, whose name, alas, I didn't catch.

Except for "Stand-Up Comic," which felt rushed, the songs from the new CD all sounded better in concert than on disc. (And I say that as someone who likes the album! I've written a proper review of it, which should be coming out soon -- probably next month -- in another venue. Watch this space for details.)

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