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The Perpetual Three-Dot Column
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by Jesse Walker

Tuesday, May 18, 2004
PAPERBACK WRITER: My book Rebels on the Air is now out in
paperback. Its official publication date is actually in June, but I suspect it will be appearing in stores before then; my own copy came in the mail last week.

Much has happened in the world of radio since this book first appeared in 2001, so anyone hoping to read the very latest about Clear Channel or Pacifica is better off doing a Google search than scanning my tome. Still, flipping through these pages again with hindsight, I think I did a pretty good job of exploring the hidden history of American broadcasting. If nothing else, reading my book might give you some perspective that's missing from those articles on Google. And hey, the thing's cheaper now. Let's not forget that.

I'm not very good at tooting my own horn, so to incite you all to buy the thing I offer these words from other folks, as quoted on the covers of either the old or new edition of the book:
"Rebels on the Air is a joyous, smart, lucid, hilarious, critical and engaging celebration of community based, non-commercial radio in the United States. Jesse Walker vividly captures the people, their visions and achievements, their friends and enemies -- all in a book that is great fun to read."
--Matthew Lasar, author of Pacifica Radio: The Rise of an Alternative Network

"Present-day American radio -- both public and commercial -- has, with its blandness, hidden the bodies of hundreds of idealists who tried to make it meaningful and interesting and alive. Whether it's micro radio, pirate radio, the Citizens Band, or Pacifica, Jesse Walker has done his homework, digging up often funny tales of strange characters who tried, in one way or another, to better the airwaves."
--Lorenzo W. Milam, author of Sex and Broadcasting and The Radio Papers

"Just as lively and packed with information as its subject....Rebels on the Air does a good job of underscoring the crucial role that an array of independent media plays in a democratic society." --Salon

"Jesse Walker's lively book is the first to offer a thorough history of what's come to be known as alternative radio." --Time Out New York

"Without a doubt, this is the most detailed and well-researched book ever published on the history of free radio in America. This includes the most comprehensive history ever written on the modern micro radio movement; culled from personal interviews, the writing is mostly engaging and fast-paced....A must read."
--The About Guide

"Walker goes a long way toward showing the considerable creativity in nonmainstream radio, despite its lack of funds and other problems. An interesting balance to the perceived story of American radio." --Choice

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