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The Perpetual Three-Dot Column
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by Jesse Walker

Friday, January 17, 2003
FOUND ART: Letters to my old L.A. address still get forwarded to me, almost a year after I left California. A Michigan outfit called McCray Press, for example, has sent me a laminated bookmark that bears the image of many flowers and the text of the twenty-third Psalm. On the other side, there's an obituary: "Cora Nelson, 100, of Vallejo, Calif., died Monday, Nov. 11, 2002, in Vallejo. Mrs. Nelson was born Jan. 2, 1902, in Ozan, Ark. She was a homemaker. Survivors include one brother, Jesse Walker of Los Angeles..."

Evidently, I have a dead sister who's older than my grandparents.

A letter was also enclosed:


"Kindly permit us to extend our most sincere sympathy in your recent bereavement.

"Many families who have suffered such a loss have obtained permanent records from us of an Obituary Notice which appeared in the local area, in tribute to the memory of their loved one.

"We have made a photo copy of the obituary account and preserved it forever in laminated clear plastic which will never discolor or tear. We think this beautiful floral Memorial Card will be a treasured Memento for years to come, for you and your family and friends. (We have laminated only this one item at this time).

"We are sure you will like this Laminated Memorial and will desire to keep it, since it has been prepared especially for your consideration by Handicapped Personnel who receive no subsidy from any kind of Government Agency.

"While you are under no obligation whatsoever, we would appreciate it very much if you would send us $3.00 for the enclosed Laminated Obituary. This will assist us in continuing this service for other families also. 'Thank you.'

"You will undoubtedly want to order additional copies for other members of the family, friends of attendants. We will be able to process the laminating within a few days after receiving your order along with proper remittance.

"It is also possible now to include an 'Actual Photograph' of your loved one in the memorials, if you desire -- and can furnish us with one original photograph for reproduction. For complete prices regarding the addition of colored and/or black and white photos, please see bottom of order form. (Your original photo will be returned with laminations).

"Minor corrections can also now be made in the obituary notice at 'no charge'. We can also change the date at the top on request. (This is taken care of right after we receive your order and remittance).

"We will be looking forward to hearing from you in the very near future."

posted by Jesse 2:05 PM
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