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The Perpetual Three-Dot Column
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by Jesse Walker

Friday, August 20, 2004
MOVIE MOMENTS: When an acquaintance asked for a list of great movie moments, I gave him a random assortment of favorites in no rational order. What follows, just barely edited, are my 25 picks.

Note: This is not a "top" 25 list. If a scene isn't listed here, that doesn't mean I don't like it better:

• Miller's speech on airplanes and time machines in Repo Man

• "Not fair? Who's the fucking nihilist?" in The Big Lebowski

• "Where do you think those boys learned to shoot?" in Full Metal Jacket

• Robert Redford rearranges his stump-speech lines in the back seat of a car in The Candidate

• Harpo's hidden gramophone in Monkey Business

• Elmer Fudd's entrance in What's Opera, Doc?

• the redneck bar in The Blues Brothers

• "TPC" is identified in The President's Analyst

• the Wizard explains degrees and testimonials in The Wizard of Oz

• Praetorius meets the monster in Bride of Frankenstein

• a garden club meeting in The Manchurian Candidate

• Jack Lemmon gets giddy about a new boyfriend in Some Like it Hot

• Buster Keaton jumps from movie to movie in Sherlock Jr.

• Harold Lloyd hangs from a clock in Safety Last

• a mysterious radio transmission in Orpheus

• Orson Welles plays a beautiful woman in F for Fake

• a sudden influx of sheep in The Exterminating Angel

• the tense final confrontation in Blue Collar

• the Maoist revolutionary's contract negotiation in Network

• Woody Allen plays marching-band cello in Take the Money and Run

• a Waylon Jennings lookalike starts singing "Good-Hearted Woman" at a revival in UFOria

• a painfully earnest New Age meeting in Safe

• an escalating war of pranks, with the Who blaring on the soundtrack, in Rushmore

• the inmates stand up for their right to lose money gambling in One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

• Criswell's introductory ruminations on The Future in Plan Nine from Outer Space

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