The Perpetual Three-Dot Column
The Perpetual Three-Dot Column
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by Jesse Walker

Tuesday, March 25, 2003
LOVE AND MOVIES: Several of you wrote to ask about the happy personal news I
alluded to in my last post. None of you, on the other hand, wanted to know my Oscar predictions or the story about the famous economist.

So: the happy tidings. I wasn't sure if a blog was the best place to announce this, given that I have good friends who still don't know, but the news is already seeping through cyberspace, so what the hell: R. and I are now engaged. I asked her the weekend before last, she said yes, and we're looking tentatively at a wedding in October. I'm happy, she's happy, and everyone else is blowing each other up.

I'll save the story about the economist for another time. As for the Oscars -- the ceremony has come and gone, but here's the prizes I would've given out if I were in charge:

Best Movie Released in 2002: Mai's America
Best Older Movie Not Released in the U.S. Until 2002: Y Tu Mamá También
Most Overrated (By Critics): Sunshine State
Most Overrated (By Audiences): My Big Fat Greek Wedding
Most Overrated (Made-for-Cable): The Laramie Project
Most Overrated (Online): anything by Mark Fiore
Silliest Controversy: the furor over Barbershop
Best "Bad" Movie: fear dot com
Best Movie I Watched on an Airplane: the seat-belt instructions
Worst Movie I Watched on an Airplane: Serving Sara
Worst Movie I Watched Anywhere: Robin Williams: Live on Broadway
Worst Movie by a Good Director: Hollywood Ending
Best Movie by a Bad Director: I'm saving this spot for Unfaithful, which I still haven't seen
Best Movie That Gave Me a Cameo: Sean Connery Golf Project
Least Convincing Scene in Which a Character Rebuffs an Accusation of Child Molestation: About a Boy
Good Story/Silly Message Award: Signs
Good Story/Lousy Effects Award: Spider-Man
Unexpectedly Good Performances: Adam Sandler, Punch-Drunk Love; Brendan Fraser, The Quiet American
Best Cinematography: Sex and Lucia
Best Editing: Femme Fatale
Best Choreography: Russian Ark
Best Stunt: Russian Ark
Best Installation: The Girl on the Train in the Moon

posted by Jesse 4:42 PM
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