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The Perpetual Three-Dot Column
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by Jesse Walker

Thursday, October 03, 2002
SLANDERS: An angry Republican mob is whipping itself into a frenzy over at, attacking my friend
Sara Rimensnyder for an article she wrote about Ann Coulter. It's an interesting thread, if you're into ad hominem attacks and creative misreadings. (My favorite: the fellow who accused Sara of taking "a gratuitous swipe at [Rush] Limbaugh" with her "poison pen." What horrible thing had she written about Rush? That people associate him with "conservative bon mots.")

Two thoughts:

1. I wrote a piece mocking Ann Coulter a month ago. Where were all these dimwit robots then? How come Sara gets the 10-minute hate and I don't?

2. A lot of the aggrieved Coulter groupies have been going on about how hot their heroine is, usually in the context of claiming Sara must be motivated by jealousy over Ms. Coulter's looks. Coulter's critics, contrariwise, often claim she only gets as much TV time as she does because she's so pretty. I seem to be the only person in America who thinks the pundette is ... well, let's just say unattractive. I'd elaborate, but I don't want to be accused of hurling an ad hominem of my own.

And so I pose a question to any male heterosexuals, female homosexuals, and bisexuals of all genders who are reading this: Do any of you agree with me? Or is this just a peculiar wrinkle in my personal taste, like when I put hot sauce on my spaghetti?

It should go without saying, but just in case: Coulter's merits or demerits as a writer, thinker, and human being have nothing to do with whether anyone thinks she's cute. I wouldn't even bring this up if we weren't already swimming in lustful appreciations of Coulter's physique, of which the most infamous is the man who told The New York Observer that he'd "fuck the shit out of her." Sometimes I just have to know whether I'm a minority of one.

posted by Jesse 6:23 PM
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